8 10 2021

The accelerator MarExterior has closed on June 11, 2021 its first edition, which has allowed 20 Galician companies in the maritime sector to develop for seven months a customized internationalization plan. Surfish Trade has developed its internationalization plan through this accelerator supported by the Consorcio de la Zona Franca de Vigo. Through a high performance program that combines, under the supervision of a team of experts, training, tutoring, coaching, mentoring and support, we have managed to accelerate the internationalization process, reducing time and costs. MarExterior is an internationalization accelerator, created to support companies in the marine sector in their access and consolidation in foreign markets, with the aim of making the process faster and with less risk, thus increasing the likelihood of success in their internationalization processes.

Surfish Trade, as one of the 20 Galician companies selected, has participated in this personalized itinerary of internationalization. This first edition, marked by the pandemic, has been a major challenge, however, Surfish Trade has managed to successfully overcome the three phases that make up the internationalization project.